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"Individualized, Holistic and natural approaches to health and healing.



BMW Clinic is the one stop solution for all your health needs under one roof.


At BMW HOMEOPATHY CLINIC BODYMINDWELLNESS,we incorporate holistic principles of  wellness and cure,based on a solid foundation of advanced classical homeopathy treatments and constitutional homeopathic prescribing, latest german homeopathic medicines,along with modern advances in diagnosis and  medicine.Clinical evidence based homeopathy cures in shortest possible time,patient education,incorporation of wellness holistic concepts,latest technology and infrastructure,best homeopathy doctors, along with nutrition and overall health wellness in body mind and soul is what makes BMW Homeopathy Clinic BodyMindWellness stand out as one of the best homeopathy clinic in mumbai,India,worldwide in the field of homeopathy,health and wellness.


BMW HOMEOPATHY CLINIC BODYMINDWELLNESS is currently based at vashi,sanpada,palm beach road,navi mumbai,mumbai,india. We see patients throughout the world,at clinic and through online consultations.

Dr.Sheetal Mehta,Gold medallist,homeopathIc doctor in mumbai,founder of BMW HOMEOPATHY BODYMINDWELLNESS,writes about diseases, homeopathic medicines,treatment,self help and tips,her clinical experiences,health myths,health do n donts, and lots more.


Dr.Sheetal Mehta is based at Sanpada,Vashi,Navi mumbai,Mumbai,India and sees patients throughout the world at BMW Homeopathy Clinic BodyMindWellness and online consultations.


Dr.Sheetal Mehta has written several blogs and articles on health,homeopathy,alternative medicine and wellness on the web.


Dr.Sheetal Mehta practises classical homeopathy incorporating the best homeopathy school teachings like Dr.Shankaran(the other song-International academy of Advanced homeopathy),Dr.praful vijaykar predictive homeopathy,Dr.jan scholten,Dr.george vithoulkas,and alikes.


Dr.Sheetal Mehta qualities like integrity,dedication,passion for homeopathy is what makes her stand out as one of the best homeopathy doctors worldwide.

Dr.Sheetal Mehta wanted to share her health and healing expertise with maximum number of people so that no one is deprived of the benefits of alternative medicine and healing.Whats more, you can now ask Dr.Sheetal Mehta your health queries online for free homeopathic and natural health advice.

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"The joy and magic of curing someone is the greatest experience and happiness I have received in this lifetime.The credit goes to homeopathy."

-Dr.Sheetal Mehta

There are a number of reasons you should consider getting yourself and our family and loved ones homeopathic treatments. Let us explain you why.
1. HOMEOPATHY is safe, natural system of medicine without any side effects. So why should you consider taking something that you know is harmful, synthetic and could have irreversible, drastic side effects on your body that you arent even aware about???SWITCH TO HOMEOPATHY INSTEAD!
2. HOMEOPATHY has treatments and medicines for ALL diseases and conditions.  So why not take homeopathy as a great option for you and your family's health.Western medicine is good for acute care; the system has proven its efficacy in life saving emergency situations. The prevention and treatment of chronic diseases is a challenge that modern medicine continues to grapple with. The other aspect is that modern medicine largely helps in providing symptomatic relief which in turn may not necessarily lead to enduring treatment of the health condition.Today modern homeopathy encompasses several concepts of cure and treatments, and advanced classical homeopathy is one of the best approaches in homeopathy,and at BMW Clinic,we do justice by incorporating all the suitable concepts of homeopathy approaches which is individualised to the patients problem.
3. HOMEOPATHY  has a PERMANENT CURE.  A homeopathic doctor will identify the root cause of your problem, and direct the treatment and medicines to work on the roots,instead of just the symptoms. Hence it ensures that your problem is catered to from its main reason as to why it actually occured.
4. HOMEOPATHY corrects your immunity, making you fitter, healthier and stronger, so now you can shield and protect yourself from any future diseases, major and minor.
5. HOMEOPATHY also acts as preventive medicine, making you fit for work, a healthy lifestyle, happy relationships and graceful ageing. 
6. HOMEOPATHY is a HOLISTIC form of treatment, tackles you as person , as a whole, so that all existing complaints , major or minor are covered in one individualised , tailormade treatment.
7. HOMEOPATHY has special treatments for allergies, chronic diseases, psychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disorders,skin, hair, long standing and incurable diseases.Some disease conditions worth mentioning are ADHD,nasal polyp,kidney stones,sciatica,irritable bowel syndrome,warts,psoriasis,eczema,bedwetting,spondylitis,adenoids enlargement,lichen planus and more.
8. HOMEOPATHY is cellular medicine, acting on the cells, systems and organs of the body, as well as the psychosomatic axis,making it apt for diseases which are based on emotional causes, psychosomatic disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc.
9. HOMEOPATHIC treatments are cheaper as compared to most other forms of medicine.
10. LAST, BUT NOT THE LEAST,. HOMEOPATHY is FAST AND NOT SLOW!!!At BMW Homeopathy Clinic BodyMindWellness,we have several patients who have taken our homeopathic treatments and who continue to do so, to confirm that the generally believed notion that homeopathy is slow, is FALSE. TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF AND LET US KNOW!!!!!
Have a question?Do not hesitate to ask for free health advice!Contact us here
The best homeopathy doctors at BMW Homeopathy Clinic BodyMindWellness will always show you the fastest method of cure that would work permanently for you.
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Aankeet jain           


"thanks BMW :)
great service & quick results ! :)"

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1.The homeopath who practices  homeopathy strictly according to correct principles of medicine and homeopathic medicine,as outlined by the masters of homeopathy,is a good homeopathy doctor.


2.The homeopath  who has a sound knowledge of homeopathy is the best homeopathy doctor


3.The homeopath who is not into the money making business  or who works for the passion for homeopathy and not purely for commercial reasons is a good homeopathy doctor


4.The homeopath who genuinely cares for his patients is  good homeopathy doctor


5.The homeopath who knows how to use the correct medical modern and recent advances and technology,who is efficient in diagnosis and methods of diagnosis,who respects all genuine methods of cure and treatments which provides benefit and relief to the patient using the correct principles of healing ,which provide optimum health and wellbeing to the patient in the shortest possible period of time,is indeed the best homeopathy doctor.

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Think of a natural safe alternative when it comes to your health.Choose homeopathy.Think natural,Think happier.

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